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Holidays in Styria for allergy-sufferers

Freedom from allergies at the Planaihof in Schladming

The Planaihof is an allergy-sufferer-friendly hotel at 1,820 m above sea level. Because of the mountain climate, certain allergens, such as pollen and mold, either don't occur at all, or only occur in small amounts, which means that you feel an immediate easing of symptoms and improvement. We are also able to cater to the needs of guests who suffer from all kinds of food allergies!

Look forward to a carefree vacation despite your allergies!

For what allergies or food intolerances is our hotel best suited?

Pollen allergies

We are located at 1,820 m above sea level. This means the amount of pollen in the air is much reduced. In addition and in cooperation with Innsbruck University, we offer a pollen forecast for the upcoming weeks. Every week, we use our pollen trap to collect data on the pollen count locally. Our kitchen also caters to diners dealing with pollen-related food allergies, and we can also refer you to a medical specialist in Schladming.

Mold allergies

Here, yet again, it is our elevation that makes such a huge difference. According to a report from Innsbruck University, we are low in mold. In fact, the count is so minimal that it cannot cause an allergic response. We also prepare our foods as freshly as possible!

Food allergies

Our staff are well able and trained to cater to the needs of guests coping with food allergies. We are happy to take time creating a menu plan together with you. We cooperate with local organic farmers and a natural foods store in Schladming. We also have expert assistance from a professional  nutritionist, Ms. Buchard.

Allergic asthma

Our high-mountain climate is dry. We do not use any air conditioning, which means that all rooms can be ventilated naturally.

Over-sensitive bronchial system

In our hotel we have a no-smoking floor with no-smoking rooms and a no-smoking guest lounge. In these areas, we wash and clean with detergents and cleaners that are free of dyes, artificial fragrances or preservatives.

Does staying in the mountains also help with neurodermatitis?

Primarily, allergens that adversely affect the skin are either naturally eliminated or greatly reduced. However, the following additional things also result in significant improvements for neurodermatitis-sufferers:

  • Mountain sun with increased UV radiation - sunbathing sheltered from prevailing winds  
  • Our soft springwater with a high iron content, which doesn't provoke any skin reactions (water with a high lime content causes major skin irritation)
  • Our kitchen, which places great value in the use of low-allergen ingredients and is glad to create a menu plan specially tailored to your needs. (with the assistance of Ms. Buchard, an expert nutritionist)
  • Especially for children, time spent together as a family is an important factor for improvement, something we support by offering family hikes etc.
  • Our hotel is a place of regeneration and renewed energy. We try to offer the best possible environment for allergy- and neurodermatitis- sufferers.

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