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Menu at Restaurant Planaihof

Our service team is happy to tell you more about allergens. All prices are given inclusive VAT.

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From our soup pot

Clear soup with:

shredded pancakes A, C, G, L

pasta and vegetables A, C, L
profiteroles (pea-sized balls of choux pastry) A, C, L
liver dumplings A, G, L

€ 4,10

Garlic cream soup A, G, L

with croûtons A, G, L

€ 4,40

Pumpkin-Ginger soup G, L

€ 4,40

Goulash soup A, L

with a roll

€ 5,30

Granny´s stock pot A, C, L
with a roll (clear soup with pasta, vegetables and beef)

€ 6,80

Starters and Salads

Terrine A, L
in Pumpkin oil dressing with salad and a roll

€ 9,60

Baked Camembert A, C, G
with mixed salad, cranberry sauce and toast

€ 9,60

„Planai“ salad A, G, L
(mixed salad with sautéed bacon, cheese, warm herb-bacon dressing and a roll)

€ 9,90

Styrian salad A, C, G
(mixed salad with turkey baked in pumpkin seeds)

€ 10,90

Vegetarian salad plate A, C, G
(mixed salad with baked cheese, eggs, and yoghurt dressing served with a roll

€ 9,70


€ 3,50

Mixed salad G, L

€ 4,60

Main Dishes

Roast pork A, C, G, L
with beer gravy, bread dumpling and coleslaw

€ 12,10

Viennese Schnitzel A, C, G

(pork or turkey cutlet pan fried in dry crisp breadcrumbs) with potatoes and cranberry sauce

€ 12,20

Pork cordon bleu served with potatoes A, C, G
(pork Schnitzel escalope filled with cheese and ham)

€ 13,50

Spinach dumplings

with olive oil and parmesan A, C, G

€ 9,00

Spaghetti with Bolognese sauce A, C, L

€ 9,60

Lentil stew

with cut sausages and bread dumpling A, C, G, L

€ 9,60

Venison ragout

with bread dumpling and a cranberry-pear A, C, G, L

€ 13,20


Grilled cheese sausage or “Berner” sausage

with chips A, L, M served with salad

€ 9,00

Black pudding

with sauerkraut and potatoes A, M

€ 9,00

Grilled fish D, G, H
with hot almond butter, potatoes and mixed salad

€ 13,90

Ram Steak

on rocket salad with cherry tomatoes G, L and shaved parmesan

€ 18,70

Grilled filet of pork A, G, L
with vegetables, croquettes and herb butter

€ 15,20

Warm Snacks

Ham and cheese toast

with salad A, G, L, C

€ 5,90

Ham and cheese toast

with chips A, G, L, C

€ 6,90

Bacon and eggs A, C

€ 7,00

Frankfurter sausages A, L, M

with mustard, horse radish and a roll
with goulash gravy
with ketchup and chips

€ 4,20

€ 6,50

€ 7,20

For our "Junior" guests

King of Frogs A, L
grilled sausages with chips

€ 4,90

Mickey Mouse A, C, G
small Viennese Schnitzel with chips

€ 8,50

Donald Duck A, C, G
chicken nuggets with chips

€ 6,40

Captain Blue Bear A, C, D, G
pieces of sautfish with potatoes

€ 6,40

Winnie the Pooh A, C, L
spaghetti with Bolognese sauce

€ 6,40

Bob the builder A, C, G, L
small roast pork with a bread dumpling

€ 8,10


House-made apple or cream cheese strudel or Cream cheese-blueberry strudel A, G, H, C

€ 4,50

Jam-filled doughnut

covered in crushed poppy seeds and hot butter
or with vanilla sauce A, G

€ 5,20

€ 6,40

Mohr im Hemd

(chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream, fruits and whipped cream) A, H, G, C

€ 6,00


(cappuccino with sweet fritters and blue berry jam) A, C, G

€ 5,60

Changes of price and type mistakes reserved on our rights.

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